We are a small business based in Biggleswade England, committed to the advancement of vinyl playback. We remain convinced that the only choice for high quality domestic replay is the LP record, with alternative digital sources sounding two dimensional and lacking in fine detail.

In our website you will find products which we have developed over the past eight years - all designed to increase your enjoyment of the LP record.

You will find details of our critically acclaimed Athena and Arezzo Turntables, Turntable Enhancement Kits, Silent Stage Isolation Platforms and a great range of Analogue Upgrades & Accessories. We are also the premier dealer for the award winning Moth record cleaning machines, having ourselves sold in excess of one thousand machines worldwide.

Products are on permanent demonstration at our sales office in Wilstead.

If you have any queries or want to book a demonstration please telephone during office hours (07305 915389) or email us using the contact form.




Some new arrivals and some changes to established products....


Athena and Athena SE Turntables

The Athena - pictured below on the dedicated jet black isolation platform - is our acclaimed entry level turntable. We quietly introduced the Athena and Athena SE over a year ago and they have been very well received, with tremendous feedback from customers and great reviews in Hi-Fi News and High Fidelity (Greece) magazines. Recently, though, we upgraded the sub-platter and main bearing assembly resulting in a considerable increase in performance. Owners wishing to upgrade to the latest specification can do so easily - please email. 

Super Platter Mod for Arezzo

Our Award-Winning Arezzo Turntable now has a new mod! The Super Platter - pictured below - is precision machined from identical material to the platter on the superb Arezzo Reference and can be fitted to all models. Like the Kinetic Drive and the High Current Power Supply mods, the Super Platter provides a clearly audible sonic improvement.


HL-1 Harmonic Level Tonearm 


We needed an affordable tonearm that would accurately reproduce the detail and dynamics that our turntables are renowned for, so we designed our our own - based on the excellent RB251. Extensive structural and electrical modifications have resulted in a tonearm that we are very proud of.




Harmonic Level Counterweight

The acrylic rear stub and stainless steel counterweight assembly designed for our HL-1 tonearm can be easily fitted to any Rega made tonearm with superb results. Forget about any other aftermarket counterweights - this one really does improve the arms in every respect.

Full details will be available on the website soon but, in the meantime, just email or phone if you want any more details or a listen.