Sorbothane Isolation Rings - Heavy Duty 70 Duro - 3 Pack

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The isolation rings are superb under platforms made from acrylic, wood, plastic or even glass and also work brilliantly when replacing equipment feet – directly supporting the component.

Our rings are available in 30, 50 or 70 Duro rated Sorbothane. The Duro rating is the ‘hardness’ of the rings, 30 being the softest and 70 the hardest. You should use the ones most suited to the equipment you wish to isolate. 

The rings come complete with base discs which are 40mm diameter and 1mm thick. These are made from a polymer which we have determined works best in conjunction with the rings. Each ring comes complete with 2 base discs which means the spare discs can be used for levelling where needed. The sorbothane is naturally quite ‘tacky’ so the base discs cling to it and the rings will also cling nicely to any smooth surface.

To determine which isolation rings you require, take the approximate maximum weight (of the equipment plus any platform) and then divide it by the number of rings you are using. The load weights we suggest are those we have found work best sonically – the rings will actually support quite a bit more but isolation will be compromised. 

Dimensions: Outside Diameter 40mm, Inside Diameter 20mm, Height 15mm. Weight 20 grams.

SRM TECH recommended maximum load rating for audio applications

Light duty 30 Duro – 5kg / 11lbs per isolator

Standard duty 50 Duro – 9kg / 20 lbs per isolator

Heavy duty 70 Duro – 14kg / 31 lbs per isolator

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