Clear Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat for Technics SL1200 - All Variants

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The Acrylic Platter Mat is ideal for those of you using Technics SL1200's for serious listening and wishing to experience the sound quality of acrylic. It provides a neutral 'see-through' type sound quality with much improved dynamics.

The rigid mat is 3mm thick, so you should not have to adjust the vertical tracking angle too much, as most standard mats are around 2mm thick. Diameter is 285mm, so it fits nicely inside the SL1200 platter lip. Weight is 235g. The playing surface is exceptionally smooth and the label recess enables perfect record support.

The flip side is as smooth as the top face, and is brilliant for setting arm bias (anti-skate force). You simply place the stylus on it and adjust until the arm sits in the same place and does not move toward the centre or the edge. This will not damage the stylus and is arguably the most accurate way of setting the bias on your tonearm.

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