Arezzo Platter Mat Super VTA Pack - Adjust VTA Easily - 1,2 & 3mm

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This is our VTA-S pack, consisting of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick superb sounding Arezzo Platter Mats. The Arezzo Platter Mat is 294mm in diameter and made from an expanded neoprene material. They have been treated for static at the factory and will remain resistant to static during their lifetime.


This pack enables quick alteration of the VTA (vertical tracking angle) without having to adjust the tonearm. You simply change the mat. The kit also offers a considerable cost saving over the cost of buying the mats individually.

With this introductory offer we are including free of charge our acclaimed Platter Damper (rrp. £19.95) which is a super flexible polymer disc of the same dimensions which sits between the platter and the mat and effectively damps the whole surface of the platter.  

The SRM TECH Arezzo Platter Mat is available in the following sizes – 1,2,3,4,5 & 6mm. Should you wish to experiment with different thickness mats - to alter the vertical tracking angle with no tonearm adjustment necessary - we do three of these combination kits: VTA-S kit consisting of 1,2 & 3mm mats, VTA-L kit consisting of 4,5 and 6mm mats and the Super VTA kit consisting of all six mats. These kits provide considerable savings over buying the mats individually. 

If you are buying one of these, you may wish to consider also buying our 'Revolution' Soft Clamp. This is a Record & Spindle Damping Device which compliments the Arezzo Platter Mat perfectly - indeed many customers using this mat on our incredible Arezzo turntable are also using the 'Revolution'. If you buy this at the same time, there is no additional postage to pay. 

The VTA-S pack is shipped in a strong cardboard LP mailer, so it will reach you in the same perfect condition that it left us.

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