Adjustable Height Tripod Platter Mount

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This is suitable for all decks with two-part platters where the main platter sits on top of the sub platter - Rega's, Systemdeks, Mantra's etc. It is designed to minimise resonance from being transmitted to the main platter from the sub platter. Noise can be transmitted to the sub platter from the main bearing and/or the motor and the small isolating discs in this kit minimise this noise getting through to the main platter. It lowers the overall noise floor of the turntable and simply makes it sound better! The Adjustable Height Tripod Platter Mount Kit contains three sets of three isolating discs 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick x 8mm diameter which should be placed equidistantly around the top surface of the sub platter as shown in the second picture. The discs are made from a specially selected polymer (beware of imitations, this is our design) chosen after many hours listening tests. The height of the platter can be raised by 1, 2 or 3mm depending on which set of discs are used giving the benefit of VTA adjustment without altering the height of the tonearm pillar.

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