Belt and Drive System Cleaning Fluid

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Pure Gold! This is our Turntable Belt and Drive System Cleaning Fluid - specially formulated to effectively clean and degrease these crucial parts of the turntable. If the drive system of the turntable is contaminated it will cause belt slippage which manifests itself as dynamic wow. This type of wow is not noticeable as pitch instability, but it causes 'smearing' of transient detail, making the deck sound lifeless and lacklustre. Grease can get on to the belt every time you handle it, building up around the motor pulley and the sub-platter or platter rim. This fluid should be used regularly to keep the turntable drive system in perfect order, allowing your deck to sound as dynamic as the day it was built. 10ml bottle, complete with 6 cotton/viscose cleaning pads and instructions. Go on, treat your turntable!

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