Clear Acrylic Turntable Platter Mat

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The Clear Acrylic Platter Mat is ideal for those of you using a deck with a glass or alloy platter, but wishing to experience the sound quality of acrylic. It provides a neutral 'see-through' type sound quality with much improved dynamics. Incidentally, we also do an identical acrylic platter mat in jet black finish. Our 10mm, 12mm & 20mm acrylic replacement platters work wonders on Rega's and other decks with factory fitted glass platters, as well as decks like the Transcriptors which do not, in standard form, support the record over the whole playing surface. Unfortunately, we can't make them for Thorens or similar alloy platter decks as the dimensions required (to allow clearance for the motor pulley) make the acrylic platter far too light to balance the suspension. This mat, however, is the next best thing.... The rigid mat is 3mm thick, so you should not have to adjust the vertical tracking angle too much, as most standard mats are around 2mm thick. Diameter is 292mm. Weight is 221g. The playing surface is exceptionally smooth and the label recess enables perfect record support. The flip side is as smooth as the top face, and is brilliant for setting arm bias (anti-skate force). You simply place the stylus on it and adjust until the arm sits in the same place and does not move toward the centre or the edge. This will not damage the stylus and is arguably the most accurate way of setting the bias on your tonearm. The mat is shipped in a strong cardboard LP mailer, so it will reach you in the same perfect condition that it left us.

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