Accessory Kit for Moth RCM2/RCM Pro

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This kit was designed to address the the two most common concerns about the Moth machines: a. Ease of cleaning 7” Singles and b.Damage to labels caused by tightly clamping the puck and fluid spillage. We believe that this kit prevents label damage to Singles, 78’s and LP’s and makes cleaning singles very simple. The kit consists of: 1. 45 / 78 Label Protector Disc. Polyethylene disc sized for labels of singles and 78’s, with a machined underside rebate to allow for a ‘spider’ insert. This disc clamps the disc tightly, preventing slippage when cleaning a disc with a spider. It also covers the whole of the label – this spreads the load of the clamp, preventing any damage to valuable labels and also stops any stray fluid getting on to the label. 2. LP Label Protector Disc. Polyethylene disc sized for labels of LP’s. This also has a machined rebate to allow for the slightly raised portion of some labels. It protects the disc label as above. 3. Vacuum Tube Plug Device. As those of you who have cleaned singles will know, you have to cover the exposed part of the vacuum pipe, to retain suction. This is the perfect answer. A small section of flexible tubing is placed over the exposed part of the pipe and held in place by two O-rings. When the vacuum is turned on, this tubing is pulled down into the pipe slot - completely plugging it and allowing maximum vacuum to the record surface. This is a simple and easy to use solution – the two O-rings simply slide to the right hand side of the vacuum pipe when not in use and the plug can be used with 10” discs in the same way. The kit also comes with full instructions.

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