Phono Cartridge Resonance Controller

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The SRM TECH Phono Cartridge Resonance Controller is designed to reduce vibration transfer between the cartridge and the tonearm. Crucially it still allows the cartridge to be fixed solidly in place minimising any rocking movement. The polymer from which it is made was chosen following extensive listening tests and has been specially treated to prevent static build up.


To use, remove the cartridge from the tonearm. Carefully peel off the paper backing from the self-adhesive surface and attach the pad to the top of the cartridge aligning it with the mounting holes. Mount the cartridge back in the arm. Note that the arm height should be increased by 1mm if you do not wish the alter the vertical tracking angle.


The Phono Cartridge Resonance Controller is normally £14.95 but for a limited period we are offering it at just £9.95.

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