Moth RCM/2 DIY Kit

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The kit contains everything needed to build the machine, apart from the plinth. It does include the perspex lid. It is not difficult to construct the plinth, and should be no problem at all to anyone with DIY / woodworking skills. Moth machines have been in production for around 20 years and are the best selling machines in the UK by a long chalk. The second picture shows a made up wooden plinth, similar to the one you will be required to construct. Full DIY instructions / plans are provided and we are always here to give advice if you need it. This kit represents excellent value & offers a large saving on the price of a factory built machine. All parts are covered by 12 months comprehensive guarantee. The Moth Record Cleaning Machine literally 'Deep Cleans' the record by allowing a special solution to loosen all the accumulated hardened muck coating the sides and bottom of the grooves, and then vacuuming out both the fluid and the muck, leaving a clean and dry record. Make no mistake - any method of record cleaning that does not utilise a vacuum simply does not work, as the muck is just pushed somewhere else on the record surface. The Mk 2 is a great improvement over the Mk 1, as it cleans bi-directionally, allowing the brush to 'get into the groove' more efficiently. Gets rid of crackles, pops, static, fingermarks etc, and makes records sound 'cleaner' & with less surface noise. Even makes brand new records sound better as it gets rid of any mold release agent lurking in the bottom of the groove. This is particularly noticeable between tracks, which sounds obvious but what we are trying to explain is the 'CD like' total black silence. It takes less than two minutes to thoroughly clean an LP. Although this machine is designed to clean 12" records, you can quite easily clean 10" & 7" with a bit of manual dexterity. We now have available an Accessory Kit for the Moth machines, which enables simple cleaning of 10" & 7" records as well as protecting valuable labels from any potential damage (accidental fluid spillage etc). Why should you buy a Moth RCM? Moth have been manufacturing Record Cleaning Machines for nearly 20 years. These are very reliable and hard wearing machines - even the first machines ever to roll off the production line are still working hard and doing sterling work. Although there have been improvements over the years (the most notable being the Mk.2 with bi-directional cleaning), Moth can still service every machine ever made. The BBC have at least three machines in use, the National Record Archive has one, as does Abbey Road. Even Oxfam use them - so you won't get any cheap LP's there anymore! Why should you buy a Moth RCM from us? SRM/TECH are the Premier Moth Dealer, having sold in excess of 800 machines over the last five years. We visit Moth's factory at least twice a week. You can be sure of exemplary service, both at the time of purchase and in the years to come. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING COSTS FOR NON EU COUNTRIES ARE INCORRECT ON THE AUTOMATED ORDERING. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.

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