Moth RCM Pro

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Moth machines have been in production for around 20 years and are the without a doubt the best selling machines in the UK. Featuring a forced-air cooling system, this is the one built for continuous heavy duty use. Ideal for Record / Hi-Fi Shops or those using the machine to clean LP's for others. This is brand new & boxed, complete with perspex lid, fluid, brush, full instructions & 12 months comprehensive parts and labour guarantee. The Moth Record Cleaning Machine literally 'Deep Cleans' the record by allowing a special solution to loosen all the accumulated hardened muck coating the sides and bottom of the grooves, and then vacuuming out both the fluid and the muck, leaving a clean and dry record. Make no mistake - any method of record cleaning that does not utilise a vacuum simply does not work, as the muck is just pushed somewhere else on the record surface. The Mk 2 Pro is a great improvement over the Mk 1, as it cleans bi-directionally, allowing the brush to 'get into the groove' more efficiently. Gets rid of crackles, pops, static, fingermarks etc, and makes records sound 'cleaner' & with less surface noise. Even makes brand new records sound better as it gets rid of any mold release agent lurking in the bottom of the groove. This is particularly noticeable between tracks, which sounds obvious but what we are trying to explain is the 'CD like' total black silence. It takes less than two minutes to thoroughly clean an LP. Although this machine is designed to clean 12" records, you can quite easily clean 10" & 7" with a bit of manual dexterity. Cleaning 7" & 10" discs is made easy with our optional accessory kit. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. PLEASE NOTE SHIPPING COSTS FOR NON EU COUNTRIES ARE INCORRECT ON THE AUTOMATED ORDERING. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE.

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