Silicone Platter Mat

Silicone Platter Mat

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This is our well established Silicone turntable platter mat - ideal for those of you looking for more damping than that afforded by felt mats. Manufactured in 2mm dark grey silicone, this mat is not like old style hard rubber mats - silicone is very pliable and 'floppy', so it almost clings to the platter and LP surface, giving great damping where it's most needed. One side of the mat is very smooth and this is the side to use upward in the majority of cases, as dust will not cling to it. The other side is not quite so smooth and almost 'sticky' so it really gives maximum damping if you use it with this side against the record. It does sound different whichever way you use it, so you can try it both ways and decide for yourself. Diameter is 295mm and weight is 172g. If you currently have a felt mat, you should not need to adjust the VTA, as these are generally the same thickness. The mat is exactly the right size to sit just inside the lip of LP12 platters. Should you decide to use the mat 'sticky' side up, then it can washed in warm soapy water periodically without harming it at all. We have sold over 700 of these mats now, and all the feedback has been very positive. They are currently in use on: LP12, Axis, Basik, VPI, Mantra, AR, Thorens, NAD, Garrard, Dual, Logic, Rega, Pro-Ject, Roksan, Systemdek, Technics, Micro Seiki, Pink Triangle & many others. If you are buying one of these, you may wish to consider also buying our 'Revolution' Soft Clamp. This is a Record & Spindle Damping Device which compliments the silicone mat perfectly - indeed many customers using the mat are also using the 'Revolution'.

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