Silent Stage 4

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The SS4 is suitable for all standard Hi-Fi Components such as CD Players, DVD Players and Amplifiers.

We have produced this model in answer to all the requests we have had for a less expensive alternative to the Stage 2 Isolation Platform. We believe it gives around 70% of the performance of a Stage 2 for less than half the price - and 70% of the performance of a Stage 2 is still much better than most platforms on the market! In keeping with the other models in the range it also looks superb, and will compliment any high quality audio component.

The platform is fabricated from extruded clear Acrylic as this material is very 'dead' sounding - it doesn't have that tendency to 'ring' like glass. The Acrylic is beautifully finished, with hand polished edges. The Stage 4 also incorporates a 20mm circular spirit level in the centre front, which sits flush with the top of the platform. As the dimensions are the same, this platform can be upgraded to full Stage 2 spec in the future, for the difference in price. The platform is supported by four large sorbothane feet, the grade of which has been chosen by ear to provide the most effective isolation. The feet are not bonded to the platform - they simply cling to it, due to the natural 'stickiness' of the sorbothane. This makes for easy re-positioning if you want them to sit directly under the feet of the equipment supported. They just peel off, without marking the acrylic. It also allows for a degree of tuning, as the platform sounds audibly different when the feet are upturned. The SS4 will comfortably support 30Kg and is 480 x 300 x 32mm.

This is also available in jet black.

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