Turntable Spindle Support Pad

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The first (and worst) point that turntables introduce noise into the system is the main bearing. The entire weight of the platter is carried by a metal to metal contact between the tip of the spindle and the bottom of the main bearing housing. Inevitably noise is generated. In some cases, like the Rega, the end of the spindle rides on a ball, but the bearing still relies upon metal to metal contact and the problem remains. The Spindle Support Pad is a small disc of high purity PTFE carefully sized to drop into the bottom of the main bearing housing. It provides an extremely low friction and non-resonant support for the tip of the spindle, or the ball on which it rides. The SPP drastically reduces main bearing noise and thereby provides: * Dramatically improved bass performance * Cleaner and Clearer sound throughout the entire audible frequency range * Considerably extended bearing life The Spindle Support Pad will improve virtually every turntable from a Project to a Linn! Remember - we offer a cast iron money back guarantee on all our products. Fitting the SPP is a five minute job - simply remove the old oil from the bearing housing, drop it in place, then re-oil. Put a record on, sit back and prepare to be amazed! The SPP will raise the platter by 1mm so, if you are fussy about VTA, you will need to adjust the arm up a fraction. It comes complete with a bottle of our superb black oil. If you wish to order a set of Bearing Damping Rings at the same time, there is no extra postage to pay. Take it from us - a bearing fitted with a Spindle Support Pad and Bearing Damping Rings is a quiet bearing indeed!

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