Thorens Enhancement Kit with Stage 2 Mods

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This is our Sound Quality Enhancement Kit for the Thorens range of decks. We guarantee it will significantly improve the sound quality of these excellent record decks! The cost of this kit is roughly equivalent to six or seven audiophile LP’s – but this will make your whole record collection sound better! The kit offers a substantial cost saving over buying the items individually. The kit is designed to reduce external noise breakthrough, motor noise, bearing rumble, platter 'ring' and vinyl 'chatter' to provide quieter, more detailed reproduction, and comprises: 1. Platter Damping Ring (PDR). 19mm deep to fit Thorens platters. This acts as a peripheral wave trap, absorbing vibrations and resonances in the platter and enhancing rotational stability. 2. Tripod Platter Support. Three small discs, which sit between the sub platter and the outer platter decoupling the platter and reducing resonance. 3. Twin Motor Vibration Absorbers (MVA). The Thorens motor sounds at it’s best with two MVA's fitted, top and bottom. These fit tightly round the casing of the motor to reduce vibration which would otherwise be transmitted to the plinth or (via the belt) to the sub-platter. 4. Bearing Damping Rings (BDR). Supplied as a pair, these fit around the main bearing housing, effectively absorbing resonance generated within the bearing, which would otherwise be transmitted into the subchassis via the housing or (even worse) into the sub platter via the spindle. 5. Main Bearing Spindle Support Pad (SPP) High Purity PTFE pad that sits in the main bearing housing eliminating metal to metal contact and consequently reducing bearing noise. 6. Ultimate Turntable Bearing Oil. You have to remove the oil from the main bearing to fit the SSP, so we include a 10ml bottle of oil with the kit. This is the best bearing oil available - known to Audiophiles as 'Black Oil' it contains Molybdenum Disulfide and Graphite. Makes the turntable bearing quieter, more efficient and drastically reduces wear. 7. Adjustable Motor Thrust Bearing. Performs better than any factory fitted thrust pad as it allows the motor spindle to run on a lubricated 4mm hardened steel ball, dramatically reducing motor noise. Fully adjustable with the allen key provided, this will eliminate any ‘ticking’ noise from the motor. The kit comes with comprehensive instructions, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the sound quality improvement. It is easy to fit - you should have it up and running within the hour. We have had absolutely tremendous feedback on all the items included in this kit, both from ebay customers and those who have purchased them through Hi-Fi News Accessories Club. For more detailed descriptions of all of these items, or to buy them individually, visit the Turntable Upgrades section.

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