SRM TECH Silent Base for Thorens 150 Mk.2 - Massively Improves Sound Quality!

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This is our new Silent Base for Thorens TD150 Mk.2. The‘Silent Base’ shares important design features of our acclaimed Silent Stage 1 & 2 Isolation Platforms – hence the name. 

Designed to replace the resonant hardboard base of the deck, the SB is made from rigid black 10mm Acrylic and uses the same chromium spikes as our Silent Stage platforms.

Suspended sub-chassis decks need a solid, non-resonant base and spikes are the ideal support in this situation. Small rubber feet just do not allow the suspension to work properly. Acrylic is inherently non-resonant and is a superb material for a solid base board.

The Silent Base features three height adjustable spikes for easy levelling, and access cut-outs for spring adjustment, motor and tone-arm wiring. This new model features improved mounting of the threaded spike bases to the Silent Base and they now sit flush with the bottom face of the acrylic. The new model also includes vibration absorbing polymer washers which fit between the spike and the spike base, improving isolation even further. It also features access holes for spring and motor adjustment and tonearm wiring.

The spikes come complete with holders, should you not wish to mark the surface on which they stand. These are now supplied with small self-adhesive expanded neoprene pads to prevent slippage. Fitting the base is a simple job, and it comes complete with the crosshead wood screws required.

Make no mistake – the Silent Base will dramatically improve the sound of your deck... It even amazed us – our reference TD160S sounds better in every conceivable way - cleaner throughout the whole frequency spectrum, vastly reduced surface noise, better imaging etc. Although we expected sound quality gains, we never imagined a base board could improve the TD160S to this level!

Apart from the sound quality gains, the Silent Base also has three side benefits - easy suspension adjustment, easy levelling and finally, it really does improve the look of the turntable! This really is a beautifully made product - OK it's under the deck so you don't see it, but all the same - all the edges are polished, the spike bases are recessed into the acrylic and the screw holes are all recessed, so no screw heads are visible from the front.

The Silent Base is also available for the Thorens TD160 Series, Linn LP12 and Rega turntables.

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