Turntable Tune-Up Kit

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Any one of the items in the kit will make your turntable sound better - together they make a tremendous improvement, regardless of whether your turntable cost £100 or £10,000! The kit comprises the following essential items: 1. Two Point Cartridge Alignment Gauge. Accurate and hard wearing, this plastic laminated gauge will allow you to perfectly align the cartridge in the headshell, achieving the minimum possible tracking error over the disc. An incorrectly positioned cartridge causes tracking distortion and will irretrievably damage your vinyl, so this is definitely worth checking and adjusting. Complete with comprehensive instructions. 2. Pro Cartridge Mounting Kit. High quality non-magnetic stainless steel allen head fixings, so you can mount the cartridge securely in the headshell. Cartridges mounted with poor quality fixings (such as those bundled with most cartridges) will cause audible loss of information. This is our latest and most comprehensive 43 piece kit which comes complete with: 2 x 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm M2.5 bolts, 2 x 10 and 16mm M2 bolts, 8 x M2.5 and 4 x M2 nuts, 8 x M2.5mm and 4 x M2 washers, Allen wrench and quality British made miniature Combination Spanner. The reason the kit comes with so many different length bolts is that you should always use the shortest ones that will accommodate your cartridge, to avoid adding unnecessary mass. This kit will allow you to properly mount any cartridge to any tonearm. 3. Stylus Cleaning Fluid. This remarkable blue fluid effectively cleans the muck off the stylus (and behind it, where it builds up). Use this regularly for best results. 10ml bottle, complete with soft haired brush. 4. Contact-Z Contact Cleaner. This is aerospace quality fluid with which you should clean the cartridge pins, headshell connections, arm cable connector and phono plugs. Incredibly effective in this situation as you are dealing with very low-level signals, and any contaminates on these surfaces will seriously degrade sound quality. 10ml bottle, complete with six cotton buds and a pipe cleaner – ideal for cleaning the inside surfaces of phono sockets. There is enough in the bottle to clean all the connections in your system – even speaker and mains plugs benefit. 5. Ultimate Turntable Main Bearing Oil. If your turntable has not had a service for a few years it needs an oil change! This is the best bearing oil available - known to Audiophiles as 'Black Oil' it contains Molybdenum Disulfide and Graphite. Suitable for all turntables, this makes the bearing quieter, more efficient and drastically reduces wear. 10ml bottle – enough for a minimum of ten oil changes. 6. Turntable Belt and Drive System Cleaning Fluid. Pure Gold – this fluid is specially formulated to clean and degrease these crucial parts of the turntable. If the drive system of the turntable is contaminated it will cause belt slippage which manifests itself as dynamic wow. This type of wow is not necessarily noticeable as pitch instability, but it causes 'smearing' of transient detail, making the deck sound lifeless and lacklustre. Grease gets on to the belt every time you handle it, building up around the motor pulley and the sub-platter or platter rim. This fluid should be used regularly to keep the turntable drive system in perfect order, allowing your deck to sound as dynamic as the day it was built. The kit comes with in a handy storage box with comprehensive instructions, and we guarantee your turntable will sound far better for it.

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