Universal Acrylic Platter

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This is a 10mm Clear Acrylic Platter, similar to our Rega fit one, but with a standard spindle diameter centre hole. This makes it eminently suitable for turntables like the Mantra which use a glass platter with this size centre hole. This is also suitable for old but lovely decks like the Transcriptors which do not, in standard form, support the record over the whole playing surface. If you want to use one for this purpose, though, remember that the spindle must be long enough (unlikely) or you'll have to buy an extension spindle. We now have some available for just £9.00 when buying this platter. The advantages of using an acrylic platter as opposed to a glass one have been well documented by reviewers - smoother (less splashy) treble, incredibly transparent midrange and more articulate bass. It sounds more neutral. The platter comes complete with a Platter Damping Ring, which is not bonded to it so you don't have to use it - but it sounds better if you do.

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