Contact-Z Contact Cleaning Fluid

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Our highly acclaimed Contact-Z is an incredibly effective electrical contact cleaner, which should be used to clean all the plugs and sockets in your Hi-Fi system. Everything will benefit (even down to the speaker terminals), and we have found incredible sound quality improvements are to be had following cleaning of very low-level signal connections, such as Cartridge pins and Turntable phono plugs. CD Players sound better & A/V systems in particular benefit both in sound and picture quality. The superb Contact-Z will work it's magic on both nickel and gold plated contacts. Use this bottle to clean all the connections in your system many times over. Originally developed for the Aerospace industry, Contact-Z does not contain CFC's and is safe on all plastic, metal, fabric, rubber, paint, and glass surfaces. It leaves no residue & is fast evaporating. It will completely remove all traces of contaminates on any connecting surfaces. 

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